Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver

As of July 1, 2010, Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver applications are processed by the Department of Civil Rights. To apply for the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver, you must:

  1. Complete the STUDENT SECTION of the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver (MITW) Application.
  2. Submit the MITW application (and attached documentation) to your Tribal Enrollment Department for certification.
  3. Ensure the Tribe-certified MITW application form and accompanying documentation is submitted to MDCR for verification. This will often be done by your Tribe after they complete their portion of the application, or they return the form to you. It is your responsibility to ensure the completed application and required documentation is filed


To be eligible for the MITW, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be enrolled at one of Michigan's public colleges or universities AND
  • You must be 1/4 or more Native American blood quantum as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department AND
  • You must be an enrolled member of a US Federally recognized Tribe as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department AND
  • You must be a legal resident of the state of Michigan for not less than 12 consecutive months.

You must provide the following documentation with your MITW application. (Because MDCR did not administer the process before July 2010, we do not have access to documents submitted before that date.)

  • A photocopy of your Michigan Driver's License or State-issued Michigan Identification Card;
  • A photocopy of your Tribal ID.

Your MITW residency status does not determine your residency status at your institution. Your institution may require additional documentation as proof of residency or to determine your length of residency in Michigan.

You must submit this application to your Tribal Enrollment Department for certification and signature.

The Tribal Enrollment Department is certifying that the applicant (you), is ¼ or more Native American blood quantum and is a certified member of a US Federally-recognized Tribe. The Tribal Enrollment Department may submit this form and accompanying documents on your behalf to MDCR for verification.


The statute does not limit tuition waiver eligibility based upon full/part-time status, degree track, academic performance, or similar criteria - and such information will not affect MDCR verification.


  • If the student has never applied with MDCR, they must complete the entire application, including tribal certification, and submit all materials to MDCR according to the instructions.
  • If the student has previously applied and been verified by MDCR, the student should complete only the Student Section of the application. The tribal certification does NOT need to be completed.

All applications and transfer requests must be sent to the MDCR address.